Hadley Grace with the lovely face!

“I think you should check again.”
Those were the words that came out of my husbands mouth when the ultrasound tech delivered the news that our second child was in fact a baby girl! He had his mind made up. He only made boys! (Ha! Typical male thing to say) 😉

So the baby naming game continued….because of course we only had a boys name picked out. I managed to spout off every name in every book at least 3 times before my husband finally said….”How about Hadley???”

WHAT!!!! I had said that name 2 months ago! And now you want to take credit for it! His excuse was that he wanted to hear them all before he made his decision. So Hadley it was. And then she got here….and we looked at each other….hmmmm she doesn’t look like a Hadley. So do we change it? What do we name her now? Oh lord.

Fortunately, we kept her name. After a few weeks she grew into it. And now, it is absolutely the perfect name for her.

This last weekend my little peanut turned 5. She’ll be starting school in August and I see my baby turning into a young lady right before my eyes. She is so unique. She is so entertaining. She is such a free spirited little spitfire.

I know without a doubt that Hadley is going to do big things. Not only is she beyond words beautiful, but she will make you laugh until you cry. She constantly melts my heart with her prayers. She keeps me on my toes with her witty little comments. And makes me blush when she says inappropriate things in public!

I don’t know if I’ve met a child that takes things being said so literally. When she was just a nugget, my mother in law (I refer to her as Milly, MIL…get it) told her to say statue. “Stach-me” was her response. No, statue. “Stach-me”. And so it began. Her literal personality was born and has continued to make us laugh day in and day out for the past 5 years. 

This was a text I sent to my husband the other day after another one of her very literal meanings of kidney protectors. 🙂

Truth is, this little girl has changed my world. She challenges me to be a step ahead of her. She brightens up my mornings when I find her curled up next to me. She makes my cheeks hurt from smiling. She drives me up the wall being stubborn and hardheaded. She leaves me a never ending pile of laundry from changing her outfits so often. She has stolen every tube of lipgloss or chapstick I’ve ever owned. She is thoughtful and caring and her heart is as beautiful as her blonde hair and brown skin. I am so proud to be her mom and my prayer is that she always has the confidence to know that God made her EXACTLY how He wanted her. That she would never let anyone change her way of thinking. And that she will never lose her creative, free spirit that makes her perfectly her.


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4 thoughts on “Hadley Grace with the lovely face!

  1. She is so stinking cute!

  2. Anonymous says:

    OH HOW I LOVE THAT KID!!!!!!! Hadley Grace with the Lovely Face, Hootie Hoo, Shnuganuga, Chachilala and all the other names I have for that little sharmalina!!!!!

  3. Sabrina Zehe says:

    Oh No Way!!!!! I love her tooooo much! She is so big and lovely! Happy 5th birthday Miss Hadley 🙂

  4. Billie says:

    Absolutely adorable…. Love the pictures and she is beautiful!

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